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Rock bottom prices?  How is this possible?
Buy direct.  
It's quite simple. Are you a reseller?  Many companies buy our product, relabel it and call it their own. It's now quite easy for you to do that very same thing.  Why line someone else's pocket when you could be making all the profit yourself?  With the ability to call our cloth whatever you choose, you now gain the power over your reorders.  Once you sign up with another company and start promoting THEIR brand, you are just promoting their company, risking losing your hard earned business to others selling that same brand. Are you just looking for a few cloths?  Take advantage of buying direct to save big!

No frills pricing.  
We ship the cloths unpackaged, without costly paperwork and packaging.  If you are currently purchasing your cleaning cloths and they arrive fully packaged, you are paying for this service as well within your price.  Omitting this cuts the cost of the cloth drastically.
Top Quality.
There are so many knock offs on the market today.  You never know what you are actually getting.  We can assure you that we only carry 130 gram weight 16" x 16" cloths.  If you would like smaller ones, simply cut them.  In fact, we have a few distributors that do this very same thing and create another product by doing so.  We do NOT order container loads from "Knock Off Countries" which can keep you guessing as to what your next order will consist of.  All cloths are uniformly cut and a uniform thickness, and most importantly:
100% Online.  This cuts our overhead right down to the bare minimum passing on the savings directly to you.  



How do we do it?

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